We exclusively employ high-quality, versatile sealants specially designed for exterior use. These superior sealants adhere effectively to various surfaces, ensuring a durable and reliable seal. Our sealing process on the exterior of your building serves a crucial purpose: to maintain a watertight barrier.

The advantages of our sealing approach are substantial. First and foremost, it offers long-lasting protection, enduring the rigors of changing weather conditions without cracking or peeling. This resilience ensures your building remains safeguarded against water infiltration, preventing potential structural damage and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Proper sealing also contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs while extending the lifespan of doors and windows. In essence, our sealant application not only enhances the durability of your building but also promotes cost savings and overall comfort.

The quality of the caulking is only part of it. You must know how to correctly apply the caulking using primer and backer rod where needed and what should not be caulked.

This is what happens when you caulk a lintel shut.

The effects can look as minor as this split molding.

But behind that molding is this. All because someone caulked something that should not have been caulked.

Someone caulked the lintel shut on this patio door. We had to remove all the caulking, remove the wet backer rod, dry the area, install a new backer rod, and caulk full and flush where needed.

Hard at work.

We always put a sample before we install the backer rod and caulk full and flush. Perfect match!