Deck and Exterior Wood Cleaning and Sealing

Ensuring the longevity of your exterior wood is crucial. Staining is essential in this process, as it protects against ultraviolet (UV) sun damage and moisture, safeguarding your wood from weather-induced issues like checking and cracking.

If your exterior wood hasn't received proper cleaning recently, it's advisable to consider cleaning and sealing it promptly to prevent damage down the road.

In wood restoration, two key elements are paramount: the cleaning process and the choice of wood sealing products. These steps work together harmoniously to yield a beautiful, long-lasting deck. Commencing with a thorough cleaning of the wood deck is pivotal because it paves the way for the wood stain or sealer to adhere effectively to the wood surface, ensuring maximum protection.

Our commitment to quality extends to the stains and sealers we employ, guaranteeing a durable and aesthetically pleasing result. With a broad spectrum of color options, you can personalize your project to achieve the perfect look while benefiting from lasting wood protection.