Fire Caulking

We rely on a specialized fire barrier sealant to fortify your building's safety measures, particularly around common pipe and cable passageways within fire-rated structures. This exceptional sealant is an electrometric latex designed to serve as a comprehensive safeguard against fire, smoke, harmful gases, and water intrusion in a single application.
The standout feature of this sealant is its "intumescent" property, which means it can expand when exposed to heat. This unique quality allows the caulk to form an effective barrier that not only halts the spread of fire but also contains smoke right at its source.
The benefits of fire caulking are substantial. It significantly enhances fire safety, helping to prevent the rapid spread of flames and smoke, ultimately protecting lives and property. Additionally, its ability to block noxious gases and water intrusion ensures a safer and more controlled environment during emergencies. In essence, fire caulking is a crucial investment for your building's safety, providing peace of mind and potentially reducing the extent of damage in the event of a fire.