Block Waterproofing
Brick Waterproofing
Stucco Waterproofing

We offer waterproofing for the above grade, exterior of a structure.   We use environmentally safe waterproofing solutions for all exterior vertical and horizontal masonry surfaces.

It is specifically designed products for porous materials such as stucco, mortar, brick, split-face concrete block, Harvard-Brik, stone tile, limestone, natural and synthetic stone.  The treatment is a clear, odorless liquid that forms a hydrophobic barrier within the near surface, blocking out liquid water while remaining vapor permeable. This barrier protects the structure from water penetration, pollutants that can harm the structure, freeze-thaw damage, deters dirt build up, deters staining,  and retards efflorescence.

The waterproofing materials we use are not filler products (pore blocker).  It is absorbed by the substrate and will not crack, blister, peel or alter appearance.  The treated surface will initially maintain a "Dry" look.  Other benefits include enhanced resistance to efflorescence, staining and freeze-thaw damage. Our waterproofing treatment preserves the natural beauty while leaving an extremely dry, yet breathable substrate.

Our waterproofting treatments can be applied to new or old, above grade, masonry surfaces.  The effectiveness of the reaction can be relative to the age of the substrate due to the expulsion of excess alkali over time.  Spot tests will quickly indicate weather adequate reaction has occurred to produce repellency.