Waterproofing For Block, Brick, and Stucco

We specialize in providing advanced waterproofing solutions for the exterior surfaces of structures located above ground. Our approach prioritizes safety and environmental consciousness, utilizing eco-friendly products. Our expertise is tailored to porous materials, including stucco, mortar, brick, split-face concrete block, Harvard-Brik, stone tile, limestone, and natural and synthetic stone.

Our transparent, odorless liquid treatment establishes a hydrophobic barrier within the surface, effectively repelling liquid water while maintaining vapor permeability. This comprehensive protection shields against water intrusion, pollutants, freeze-thaw damage, dirt accumulation, staining, and efflorescence.

What sets us apart from many other waterproofing options is that our materials are not superficial fillers. They penetrate the substrate, ensuring resistance to cracking, blistering, peeling, or altering the surface's appearance. Treated surfaces retain their natural "dry" appearance and exhibit heightened resilience against efflorescence, staining, and freeze-thaw damage. Our waterproofing treatment enhances and preserves the intrinsic beauty of the surface while keeping it exceptionally dry and breathable.

Our waterproofing solutions are versatile and suitable for new and existing above-grade masonry surfaces. It's worth noting that the treatment's effectiveness may vary based on the substrate's age, as excess alkali may dissipate over time. To determine the treatment's efficacy, we recommend conducting spot tests to assess repellency.