Waterproofing For Block, Brick, & Stucco

We specialize in waterproofing the above-grade, exterior surfaces of structures using safe, environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are specifically designed for porous materials such as stucco, mortar, brick, split-face concrete block, Harvard-Brik, stone tile, limestone, natural and synthetic stone. Our clear, odorless liquid treatment forms a hydrophobic barrier within the near surface, blocking out liquid water while remaining vapor permeable, protecting the structure from water penetration, pollutants, freeze-thaw damage, dirt build-up, staining, and efflorescence.

Unlike many waterproofing products on the market, the materials we use are not filler products. They are absorbed by the substrate and will not crack, blister, peel, or alter the appearance of the surface. The treated surface will maintain its natural "dry" look, and will offer enhanced resistance to efflorescence, staining, and freeze-thaw damage. Our waterproofing treatment preserves the natural beauty of the surface while leaving it extremely dry and breathable.

Our waterproofing treatments can be applied to both new and old, above-grade masonry surfaces. The effectiveness of the treatment may vary depending on the age of the substrate, as excess alkali can be expelled over time. Spot tests can quickly indicate whether adequate reaction has occurred to produce repellency.